Power Up Club Annual Plan

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  • This Season's Box Ships in October
  • Free Shipping in the USA

Annual Plan - Free Bonus Plushie!

  • NEW BONUS PLUSH!  Baby Charlie exclusively available with this annual plan
  • 4 Boxes per year shipped each season
  • Plan renews every 12 months
  • Free Shipping for all U.S. destinations
  • Ships worldwide

$70+ in value with this annual plan

Keyin Plush ($25 value)
- Soft and cuddly

Flying Charlie Plush ($25value)
- Embroidered details

The Adventures of Keyin and Charlie Volume I: Keyin and Charlies First Adventure! ($15 value)
- First ever Kindly Keyin graphic novel!
- Original story and illustrations
- Understand the origin story of Charlie, where he came from and how he and Keyin became friends.

FREE Baby Charlie Plush ($20 value)
- Exclusively available to Power Up Club members
- Ships separately
- Ships in December

Stickers ($5 value)
- Baby Charlie, the egg, and more from Volume I all in sticker form

What's Inside?

Exclusive Collectibles

Graphic Novels

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